How to produce great marketing video content


Video is the most powerful content weapon for Marketers, yet many businesses invest thousands of dollars in fantastic creative, only to miss the mark when it comes to achieving measurable results.

Below we share examples of different types of marketing video content we've created for our clients (and ourselves) as well as a few tips that you can take away for your next project.


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Social engagement: TradeMe Jobs 'What bosses want' series


Social engagement: Chorus 'Tricky roadband questions' series

Social engagement: Sleepmaker Beds (AUS) 'Sleep Tips'

B2B engagement: TradeMe Property 'Finding the one you love'

B2B service education: SurePlan 'How Accident Management Works' video

B2C education: Professionals Real Estate: 'Home Straight' video series

Case study: Engaging Partners and Professionals 'A better way'

B2B education: Professionals recruitment videos

Case study: World Solar agri-business video

Secrets to video success

Start with an intimate understanding of your personas - what are their goals, pain points and triggers? What problem are you solving for them? What do you want them to DO as a result of watching your content? Be sure to include CTAs either embedded in your player or linked below the video so people can take that next important step.

Clearly define what stage in your buyer's journey your content is intended to serve - is it awareness, consideration, or decision stage content? This will impact the choice of channels to use, which impacts the length, tone, and delivery of your video content. 

Production value is important. The previous points will help you determine if video shot on a mobile device is suitable, or if you'll need top-end production levels. We find that something in-between works well for most of our clients.

Host your video on the right platform. We use Vidyard and Wistia players so we can control the user experience, and so we can set up advanced tracking and nurture programmes. But YouTube is great for discovery, so be sure to align your platform with the goals of the content.

Testimonial quote

Our first video series that Engaging Partners produced for us really hit the mark and working with Rebecca, Sonia and the rest of the team was effortless and brought us better business results.

Danielle Gapes / Marketing Manager, TradeMe Jobs