Is your customer experience differentiating or damaging your brand? 



[This webinar is a recording of our live webinar held 19th Feb 2020]

In today’s incredibly fast-moving, competitive digital economy, brands are struggling to find obvious points of differentiation. That's because there's one critical differentiator that Kiwi businesses have yet to fully embrace... customer experience (CX).

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why customer experience is the new brand differentiator in this new decade
  • The roles that sales, marketing and service teams play in the customer experience
  • 10 things successful businesses do to provide a good customer experience
  • Real-life case studies and examples of CX done right.

Price and product aren't enough to keep your customers from moving to a competitor. To truly differentiate, you need great customer experience from the very first touchpoint your customers have with your brand. Every point of friction that impacts that experience whittles away at your brand value. That makes it the job of the marketing department to drive CX through the organisation. 


What people have told us about this webinar:

  • “It was easy to follow, engaging and relevant. It also presented things in a simple way, which is healthy as we can often get so caught up in overstating or over-engineering things that really are quite simple.”
  • “Really good informative session on CX. Thanks.”
  • “Very professional. Good explanations supported by real case studies. Nice work.”
  • “Easy to access the webinar, useful & good quality content and provided in a slick way.”
Watch our on-demand webinar to find out.